The “Great African Memorial Park” will represent the remarkable accomplishments of Africans, leaving evidence of their intellectual presence on our planet, because monuments are the complete pragmatic representation of societal culture, linking past, present and future. To date, no monuments of such magnitude dedicated to Africans of great stature have been constructed anywhere in the world.

The Great African Memorial Park” will showcase “The Greatest, a 33 foot bronze statue of World Boxing Champion, Muhammad Ali, accompanied by thousands of inscripted plaques, walls and walkways with inspirational quotes and references to acknowledge various African accomplishments. The park will occupy three hectors of well-manicured lawn within Victoria Falls, accompanied by picturesque views, that will breathtakingly draw guests through an educative journey of history seldom narrated. Many wonderful stories will be told of remarkable men and women from around the African world, such as, Samora Machel, Marcus Garvey, Thomas Sankara, Jackie Robinson, Kwame Nkrumah, Josiah Tongogara, Frederick Douglas, O.R. Tambo, Harriet Tubman, King Tutankhamun, Queen Amina, Emperor Haile Selassie, Benjamin Banneker, Sally Mugabe, Fela Kuti , Dr. Martin Luther King, Bob Marley, Jonas Savimbi and an entire host of athletes, abolitionists, filmmakers, liberators, artists, inventors, freedom-fighters, poets, educators, doctors, scientists, trailblazers even great Queens and Kings.  There are many achievements attributed to Africans that need to be told in their entirety, The erection of “The Great African Memorial Park” will readdress many years of miseducation, by celebrating African excellence, through the presence of monuments.


Most Monuments and memorial parks focus on exalting the individual instead of the collective. The”Great African Memorial Park” will educate and focus on the image of various personalities, because its focus will be premised on changing mindsets across all spectrums of life. This unique project is filled with a universal presence, that will recognise multiple historical figures as opposed to just one. It will draw many visitors and help educate people from all walks of life in a unique way. The park will also commemorate those who have lost their lives to centuries of senseless lynching & police brutality from Steve Biko to Nehanda Garwe Nyakasikana, from Trayvon Martin to George Floyd.


To augment all this we are looking to roll out various cultural attractions & financial programs, to assist in the continual upkeep of the park, a restaurant & gift shop will be added along with various live streaming 3D Hologram musical events, for the entertainment of our visitors. The Park will also avail advertising plaques for corporates, allowing sponsors an opportunity to support the longevity of the Park.


The gift shop will allow visitors from all over the world an opportunity to take home and share their experience from the Great African Memorial Park. Educating and sharing with family and f riends memorial caps, mugs, keychains, shot-glasses, t-shirts, wristbands and other various arts and craft from around the Af rican world. Earnings f rom these purchases, will allow funds to be raised for the continual upkeep of the park.


This will be constructed within the Great African Memorial Park as an ideal venue to accommodate musical events, lectures, award ceremonies, screenings and workshops.


The sightseer will have an opportunity to navigate these most pleasant surroundings while perusing a GPS-linked virtually modelled mobile application of the Great African Memorial Park. Detailed biographies will be populated enabling the individual to acquaint themselves with various personalities of Af rican descent & to immerse themselves in an enlightening experience that will silently communicate untold and under told tales of travailing and triumph.


3-D holograms will be displayed throughout the Great African Memorial Park, bringing heroes from our past alive to the present. Also live streaming musical events with 3-D images of our favourite artists from the past on stage, providing exciting virtual entertainment for our viewers from within the Amphitheater.
Every evening, several giant holographic images will be beamed into the night sky, showing an animated elevated visual of Muhammad Ali and other iconic figures. Night time visitors will experience The Champ being brought to life, while spectators enjoy from the amphitheater or restaurant, having a somber evening in the calm and tranquil surroundings of the scenic environment.


The Pan-African Restaurant will feature delicious African cuisine from all over the African world. North African dishes from Morocco, east African dishes from Ethiopia, west African dishes from Nigeria and Ghana, Southern African foods from Zimbabwe and South Africa, including dishes from both the Caribbean and Soul Food from North America, creating a global taste of Africa.



The J.R.-Turner Foundation believes that dialogue and discussions are crucial in addressing issues affecting Africa, Africans and the world, thereby creating a cultural centre that will enhance African heritage and pride. Regardless of opinion and sentiments, Africa is universally accepted as the cradle of mankind and therefore can be viewed as the Mother of all humanity. The continent of Africa will be an ideal location to bring people together. This in itself can bring about healing and progressive ideas in as far as the human condition is concerned. Africa is an integral and a crucial part of history and should be acknowledged as such and thereby allowed as the Motherland to play Her part in all aspects of nurturing Her children.



The J.R.-Turner Foundation aims to erect the “Great African Memorial Park” in Victoria Falls, one of the 7 Wonders of the World. The Memorial Park will feature Great men and women from across the entire African world who have sacrificed their lives for the liberties that we all enjoy today. The first of its kind, the park will boost tourism and attract visitors from all around the globe.


The J.R.-Turner Foundation is looking forward to collaborating more with the Institute of African Knowledge by erecting a Monument commemorating Great Africans from the Diaspora on land pledged by the institution within Liberation City. The Memorial Park will feature Great men and women from around the African world whom have sacrificed their lives for the liberties that we all enjoy today.
A grandiose event was hosted in 2021 by Ambassador Kwame Muzawazi of (NSTAK) along with legendary Grammy Award winning artist Robert “Kool”Bell from Kool and the Gang, in which a bronze statue personally endorsed by World Boxing Champion Muhammad Ali was presented by the J.R.-Turner Foundation for display in the Museum of African Liberation.


Africa is the birthplace of humanity, and deserves to be properly acknowledged, and given Her rightful place as the Mother of all mankind. The J.R.- Turner Foundation of humanity, including every educational institution, musician, sportsman, artist, financial institution, entrepreneur, N.G.O and Governments from around the world, to heed the mandate to support this historical and Monumental initiative.
Our aim as the J.R.-Turner Foundation is to see the construction of the “Great African Memorial Park” over a period of 18 months upon funding. Therefore we are seeking substantial funding from private individuals and corporations for the construction of the park. We would like to give everyone free access to most facilities within the premises. This is due to the fact that we would like to reach and impact as many people as possible from all walks of life and all corners of the globe.

The supporters and partners stand to benefit in many ways. Partaking in a project of such historic significance is motivation enough. Donations of this nature which are otherwise subject to taxation will receive tax relief from Zimra, the IRS or any other relevant revenue collection organization. Any individual, government or corporate who is going to take part in the support and funding of this project stands to gain the adoration of many. The demographics of people who are going to be celebrated are wide and varied.

This impactful project will stand for hundreds if not thousands of years to come. This therefore presents an opportunity for supporters and donors to partake in a historically significant project that will leave a legacy for them through acknowledgements and through this act of goodwill. Upon receiving this funding, the memorial site will be constructed within 18 months. We appeal to you as a potential funder, to partner with us in creating this legacy.

The J.R. Foundation would like to give thanks and acknowledge all those who have supported and given their time, assets, energy and efforts to this historic initiative. To know that your contributions will have a significant impact on society and people for generations to come, and to know that your good works will not be forgotten. We ask that many others heed the call to action and support the J.R.-Turner Foundation in making Africa Great Again…Thank You!


The problem is that too many people around the world are uninformed, uneducated and unfamiliar about the positive rolls that African people have made globally. African poets, inventors, scientist, liberators, kings and queens. This misinformation and lack of education on Black History has led to negative stereotypes of African people on the continent and around the world. Leading to isolation, segregation and eventually the delusion of African people and their history.


The solution and purpose of the Jr. Foundation is to provide positive exposure to inform people across the globe and the youth in particular about the positive contributions that Africans have made to humanity through the erection of monuments.


The Jr. Foundation will erect historical monuments identified as “The Greatest Memorial Park” to be placed in 7 locations around the globe. The park will feature plaques of over 1000 Great Africans from every nation that have made a historic and positive contribution to humanity. Each plaque will tell a unique story about the lives of each person spoken in their own words. Allowing visitors the opportunity to witness African History with their own eyes and not just through the eyes of others. Historical monuments are the cultural heritage of any country. They speak a thousand words about culture, its traditions, and historical significance. Monuments take us to the path of knowing our past and connecting it with the future allowing people to understand true African history for generations to come.


Being culturally aware is to be alive, and is the key to success in our world of globalisation. It is important for our children to understand underlying values that may explain a certain behaviour in others in order to shift perspectives and see where someone else is coming from. To be culturally aware will help them to communicate on all levels and become more culturally diverse, which can only be acquired through education.


Learning about other cultures opens up a whole new world of opportunities. Networking and making new friends abroad will open doors for productive relationships that will allow them to share different cultural experiences.


The Jr. Foundation is committed to the empowerment of youth from communities across the globe and will continue to educate along true cultural lines. We will accept donations from various donors that will assist in giving our children the education needed to allow them a brighter future.


Support by donating today! All donations go directly to making a difference for our cause.

Support JR. Foundation by donating today! All donations go directly to making a difference for our cause.